How To Remove Browser Hijacker

Help! I have some sort of malware or browser hijacker affecting Firefox and Google Chrome. The homepage is changed to forcibly. It is very buggy when it runs. The system even sometimes crashes, and when I open these two browsers, the Google search is not longer working. I have already tried many instructions on a couple different you tube videos that offer a solution to this issue, all to no avail. I also have tried uninstall the infected browser and then install it again, but problem is still not solved. Not sure what to do next and how to fix them. So can anyone help me?
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How to Quickly and Completely Remove

My Google Chrome is hijacked by It sets itself as my default search engine. Every time I search something on Chrome, it starts showing on the address bar that I can’t get rid of it. It is extremely annoying. I don’t know how to take it away. Is it a malware or something else? I... Read More

How to Remove Completely

My computer is hijacked by so that I couldn’t browse the Internet normally. It seems like a search engine and shows results as well. But I don’t like using it. A few days ago, my brother Mike borrowed my computer and downloaded electronic books. He must have downloaded... Read More

How to Remove My Safe Savings Ads

Help! I don’t know what happened to my computer. When I open my Chrome, I am surrounded by a number of annoying ads. My ad-blocker can only block some of these ads. What a pity! However, some blocked ads will become blank boxes rather than disappear completely, which makes me more annoyed. After much consideration, I try to disable the ad-blocker and find that these ads come from My Safe Savings. I am surprised of the discovery because I can’t remember when I installed the program. However, I don’t know how to remove it. Is there any suggestions? Please help me!
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How to Remove – Removal Guide

Is a malware? I’m always redirected to the annoying website no matter when I open Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. I try to get rid of the homepage link through rebooting my computer but it didn’t help. I’m afraid my personal information is collected by... Read More

How To Remove MyWeb.House

My mom downloaded a new software on my computer and after that, there are some ads appear and the search engine automatically redirects to MyWeb.House. My mom said that she had no idea how did this software get installed. Maybe it came along with the flash player she updated days ago. However, I did not trust this software because I did not know it before. Right now I really want to remove it from computer but I just found it can not be removed completely as it always left some files or registry. I though there much be some hidden files on computer. How can I completely clean them? Thanks.
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How to Remove Completely

How can I remove malware from my Chrome address bar? Both my default homepage and search engine are changed into I try to manually get rid of the annoying homepage from my Chrome but failed. After the browser is hijacked by the malware, I found lots of the... Read More