How to Remove Browser Hijacker

I have Google Chrome, Firefox and IE on computer and all of them are hacked by a virus named This virus changes the default home pages of all browsers. I have tried some removal methods but both Chrome and Firefox continue to have another redirect virus that is making it hard for me to surf online with annoying redirection. I do not know which program or utility results in the redirection as I have not downloaded new programs recently. I hope I can get help here or I may well have to restore computer system to fix it because it seems so stubborn. Continue reading

How to Remove From Chrome/Firefox/IE

Please help!! I can’t get rid of from my browser. I don’t know how I get it installed. I am automatically redirected to its website when I open the web browsers no matter it is Chrome or Firefox. I tried the manual way that some guys the... Read More

How To Remove Coolsearch.Info

I accidentally installed a bunch of adware and browser hijacker after installing a piece of new software from insecure website. As I dealt with some threats before so I was able to remove almost everything permanently except for the Coolsearch.Info browser hijacker. It has changed the default settings of Chrome and Firefox. My removal tool could not detect this malware on system because it said this threat was removed successfully at the first time, but it usually came back. Does anyone know how to fully delete it and avoid it coming back? All help will be greatly appreciated. Continue reading

How to Remove And Stop Redirection

Anyone can guide me to remove threat from my Chrome browser? Every time I open the browser, the annoying website always appears in the browser address bar. No matter how I get rid of it, it still comes back. It is so annoying. I can’t control my browser any longer.... Read More

How to Rescue Your PC from Marlboro Ransomware and Decrypt .Oops Files

Many people see the New Year holiday as a time to relax with family and friends, but cyber criminals never stop trying to come up with new ways of extorting money from average PC users and developing new attacks and rogue software. In the first month of the brand new year 2017, ransomware... Read More