How Can I Remove Homepage?

Help!! All of my web browsers default homepages change into without any signs. I really don’t know what happen. Is it a virus or something else? I can’t get rid of the annoying page from the browsers. I didn’t do anything to my PC. I just download and install a game... Read More

How To Remove Counterflix

i got malware on computer! Many pop up ads appeared when I open Firefox. All of them are supported by Counterflix. With these ads popping up, the pages I wanted to visit could not be loaded properly. I was sure that this malware was installed on computer as well because the computer loaded so slow and weird. But I had not downloaded any program recently. How did Counterflix malware get installed? I really wanted to remove it in advance. What should I do? Any help much appreciated. Continue reading

How to Remove Product Updater System Service – PUP Removal Guide

How do I remove Product Updater System Service? My browser frequently crashed since the annoying thing appeared on my computer. Lots of unknown icons are added to my browser’s bookmark toolbar without any permission. My Chrome homepage is not the original one. It turns to advertising website.... Read More

How to Remove Tavanero.Info and Tavanero Search

My brother got a virus on computer. Just days ago he opened Chrome browser, the homepage switched to Tavanero.Info search page instead of Google. After that, no matter how many new pages he tried to open, this page automatically showed up and he could not stop it. He took my advice and uninstalled Chrome and then re-installed it again. However, this problem still could not be solved. Have already uninstalled suspicious programs even there was no program called Tavanero.Info. What else should he do? Thanks for help. Continue reading

How To Remove ( Pop Up

My computer is infected by virus! The start up page always redirects to It is a Russian website which displays some pop up ads and some games, i guess, on the screen. I think it might be browser hijacker because the contents it shows are so weird and look like some malicious games. So, I have no clicked on any link and ad.
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