How to Remove Manually

I got a trouble when I was using Chrome. The homepage was redirected to when I opened it. I was sure that this was not the problem of Chrome itself as everything worked well besides homepage. This website appeared even I was not trying to search anything. It is very annoying. It was useless even I set IP to another one. Continue reading

Easy & Effective Guide to Remove

Malware threats can be categorized into different kinds, such as adware, browser hijackers, Trojans, worms, viruses, rootkits, ransomware, etc. Among them, browser hijackers are a type of malware which won’t bring fatal problems to the infected computer system but still could cause very... Read More

How to Remove

I am running windows 7 and using IE 11. Days ago, a pop up banner ad appeared on the forum that I usually visited which said that it helped to improve my browse experience. I was so curious, so I clicked on it. After, I just saw a massage saying that something was installing. I felt weird as my computer ran slower. Then, when I continue opening a new tab, I got a site named what’s more, there were some new extensions were installed. Continue reading

Guide to Fully Remove

I have to use the old computer before the new one is sent to my home. The reason that I dislike using the old computer is that it goes wrong. When I open a browser, I am switched to strange web pages. The problem hasn’t been solved yet. I thought it would disappear but apparently not. Only this time I have new findings. My updated antivirus program detects is the killer. Unluckily, it can’t be removed completely. Has someone any suggestions to solve the problem? Please help me.
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How to Remove Quickly?

I got an annoying redirection issue with my Firefox browser. Once I open the browser to search something, both my search engine and homepage are replaced by this nasty link No matter how many times I try to get rid of it from the browser address bar, it still appears there... Read More