Effective Guide to Remove MaskSearch.com

Please help me get rid of this annoying website https://www.masksearch.com/ from my Google Chrome. I don’t know how I get it installed on the computer. What is it? Will it collect my search history when I browse the web? It sets itself as my default homepage, new tab and search engine without... Read More

How To Remove Nova.rambler.ru

I need help! It is so suddenly that I get trouble when search information online. I am facing issue of browser hijacker or something similar, I think. When I open Chrome, the homepage redirects to https://r0.ru/. When I type something to search, it redirects me to Nova.rambler.ru. I can not read... Read More

How To Remove All-czech.com/search

I got am issue crop up where whenever I would try to open a new tab or access a link in Google Chrome on my computer, I would get redirected to All-czech.com/search. This might be a malware or adware type website. When a new window was opened, it always started with this website first, then redirecting to other pop up displaying ads. There would be no way to go back and access the page I wanted or be able to use Google search for anything. As long as the browser was opened, it redirected to this website and the only option was to close down Chrome and try again only to get same thing happen again. I had tried clearing history and cookies and rested settings. No luck.
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How to Remove Newtaba.com Browser Hijacker

I can’t remove this annoying URL http://newtaba.com/ from my Chrome address bar? I can’t deal with it even though I have set www.google.com as my default homepage and new tab. It still redirects me to its website. To solve the program, I uninstall all the suspicious programs and Google Chrome... Read More

How to Remove Muzeen.com – Browser Hijacker Removal Guide

These few days, I notice that my Google Chrome runs slower than before. It always takes a long time to wait for a webpage to load. When entering the webpage that I want, I’m automatically redirected to http://www.muzeen.com/ website that I am not going to visit. Is it a safe website? Why I... Read More